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The Electronic Hammer is an instrument by means of which the time it takes a sound pulse to pass through a tree is measured. Interior defects, such as putridity, fissures, and cavities, may be easily detected with this measuring method.
A drive screw, driven into the wood, will ensure perfect placing of the sound pulse

The sound pulse will be sent into the wood and received by the electronic sensor
The diameter measured at the points of the screws will be entered by means of the bank of keys, then the measurement will be started.
The sound velocity measured will be shown in the display / printed out after each measurement. Each tree has its own characteristic sound velocity.

Versions of the instrument


Measurements of erect objects may easily be carried out by means of the light-weight, handy ELECTRONIC HAMMER. The measurement value will be shown in the display.



The printer integrated in the electronic system of the ELECTRONIC HAMMER allows print-out of the measuring results simultaneously with the indication of the measured value in the display.

Print-out of Record

Print-out of a record by means of the ELECTRONIC HAMMER with printer. Date and tree diameter will be entered by means of the bank of  keys. The name of the different tree species and reference values are stored in the electronic system.

The results may be printed in several languages.


ELECTRONIC HAMMER without printer ELECTRONIC HAMMER with printer


Figure shows electronics system with
display and bank of keys, sensor and electronic hammer for sending in of
the signal
Figure shows electronic system with integrated printer, display, bank of keys, sensor, and electronic hammer for sending in of the signal.
Standard accessories:
Aluminum case with tray,
2 sets of screws and wrench.

Weight:                                 0.5 kg
Voltage:                                 6/9 V
Measuring range:      4-3000 m/s

Standard accessories:
Aluminum case with tray,
charger, paper rolls, spare ribbon,
2 sets of screws and wrench.

Weight:                                          4 kg
Voltage:                                       7.2 V
Measuring range:             4-3000 m/s
Charger:                         230/110VAC


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