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Tree Tomography

Arbotom Sensor on a tree

Internal decay of trees, hollow spaces and cracks, and their extent can be assessed by the ARBOTOMŽ. The ARBOTOMŽ is a new impulse-tomograph, which makes the internal state of a tree or log visible by impulse measurements.


  • Comfortable control by a Tablet-PC or Notebook
  • 2- or even 3-dimensional assessment and display of the internal condition of trees and logs (diameter almost unlimited).
  • Revealing weakest areas of trees /samples, revealing points of thinnest residual intact wall - with the help of an (almost) unlimited number of sensors (typical: 4-24).


  • Colored tomographs, easy to read.
  • Localization of wood defects and determination of their extend.
  • Immediate evaluation of trees in the field.


  • Assessment of tree safety (breakage- /up-rooting)
  • Assessment of wood quality of trees and logs


  • Precise localisation of wood defects
  • Results easy to understand
  • Evaluation of tree safety becomes more powerful
  • Non-destructive



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