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Forest Ecology
Wood Biology




The DENDRO 2003 equipment is the third generation of densitometrical instruments developed by WALESCH Electronic.

  Density studies on the wood of forestry products, e.g. fast-growing trees,
particle board and paper.

Reconstruction of  local and worlwide climatological conditions over thousands of years.

Evidence of natural and man-made environmental changes in forests, lakes and oceans.

DENDRO 2003 can be used in dendrochronology, forest research, wood technology, sedimentology, zoology and photography for the solution of climatological, ecological, technological and historical problems.
  DENDRO 2003 is a technically mature instrument based on scientific and ergonomic principles.

DENDRO 2003 is particulary suited to densitometrical analysis of structurally heterogeneous objects in the microns to 300 millimetre range.

DENDRO 2003 has proven its suitability, particulary for analysis of annual structures such as tree rings, varves and corals.

Technical Data
- Analysis of X-ray film in transmitted light.
- Analysis of surfaces in incident light.
- Fast, precise and repeatable positioning of objects on the positioning table. (A triple-axis joystick moves the table over a large X and Y range of  300 x 170mm).
- Flicker-free projection of objects on a large revolving screen.
- Brilliant display with 10, 25 or 50-times magnification. (Any other magnification available on request).
- High-frequency fluorescent-tube backlighting ensures the orientaion of the displayed area on the film.
- Automatic and manual data acquisition.
- Logical and user friendly control panel design allow easy and efficient handling.
Data recording on a Macintosh computer.
- Digitalization and convertion of the recorded density values to graphic formats for easy data-processing, data-management and data-comparison.
- Electrical object focusing and brilliance control.
- Photo sensors of variable size withe inclinable axis.
Forward and Backward table movement during data acquisition.
- Manualy operated sliding potentiometers to record structures with small density deviations.
The application in dendrochronology is described in the book: "Tree Rings" by Prof. F. H. Schweingruber; Reidel/Kluver, Dordrecht, Boston, Lancaster, Tokyo 1988.

Photo sensor for density measurement

The photo sensor is divided into segments wich can be calibrated individually. Each segment can be toggled on and off to define the measurement column length. (This may be useful to ignore irregularities on samples.) The measurement column length is indicated on the screen.

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