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Walesch Electronic GmbH - VIBRAS® System

VIBRAS® System

VIBRAS® are vibration measurement systems manufactured by WALESCH Electronic GmbH of Switzerland. These systems are built according to the standard SN 40612, DIN 45669, DIN 4150.

The VIBRAS Connect is the latest, compact and modular system with which all manner of man-made vibrations can be measured, (such as from blasting, pile driving, dynamic compacting, machinery, traffic, etc.)

The system consists of the evaluation instrument and the sensors, which can be either analogue or digital. Up to 16 digital sensors may be connected to a single evaluation instrument. The system enables therefore simultaneous measurement of vibration at up to 16 independent locations, each in three orthogonal directions, i.e. 48 channels.

Due to the digital transmission of data it is possible to have the sensors located at considerable distances from the evaluation instrument, (e.g. a single digital sensor can be located at a distance of up to 1500 meters using a standard cable).

However, if the cables cannot be used, a wireless version of the system that works on the radio signal principle is also available. Measurement can then be taken at locations situated of up to approximately 1.2 km away from the evaluation instrument.

Although the VIBRAS Connect is virtually completely programmable parametrically, the operation remains extremely simple. For general applications the default parameters of the instrument may be used. Data Acquisition begins as soon as the required sensors are defined. Long strings of parameter entry are therefore unnecessary.

The VIBRAS Connect is ideal for the registration of short duration events as well as unattended monitoring of vibration over extended periods of time. During monitoring in the ramming or traffic mode the current vibration levels are constantly displayed on LCD. Furthermore, the maximum values of the last 1000 events stored in the memory can be reviewed at any time.


VIBRAS Connect

Evaluation instrument VIBRAS Connect

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  • VIBRAS Connect


Evaluation instrument VIBRAS 7003 ME

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  • VIBRAS 7003 ME


Evaluation instrument VIBRAS 7003

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  • VIBRAS 7003

MST 7003

Digital tri-axis sensor for velocity measurement.

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  • MST 7003


Remote control, data transfers and alarming for VIBRAS® System over mobile network or ethernet

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  • VibConnect


Power supply unit suitable to VIBRAS© system

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  • PWR VIBRAS 100/48

WT 7003 Radio Modem

Radio modem for data transmission between MST3004/MST7003 sensors and the VIBRAS evaluation instrument using telemetry

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  • WT 7003 Radio Modem

PWR WT 3004

Power supply unit suitable to VIBRAS© system

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  • PWR WT 3004

Alarm 3004

A modular alarm system for the VIBRAS® system

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  • Alarm 3004
WALESCH Electronic GmbH
Gestenrietstrasse 2
CH 8307 Effretikon
+41 52 343 80 80
rmul A und T dzovhxs+PUNKT+xs
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