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Walesch Electronic GmbH - Web Monitoring Solution Web Monitoring Solution

Webbased dataplatform is a new web monitoring software designed by Walesch Electronic. Existing VIBRAS® devices and other sensors can be easily integrated into the new system. is a simple and easy using platform to visualize data - Selective data sharing included.

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Recording of events and long-time wave forms

  • Automatic data injection of VIBRAS® devices
  • Recording of additional data is possible (on request)
  • Examples of measurement data: Vibration velocity, Max Peak, Water Level, Temperature, Tilt

Interactive view

  • Interactive view in standard web browser or mobile browser
  • Views also optimized for devices with touch screen
  • Zoom can be setup for each project/location. (Fixed zoom, automatic zoom …)
  • Views are multi lingual
  • Views: Project list, project overview, location view ...

Automatic creation of PDFs

  • PDF generation of the displayed data by a single mouse click
  • PDF can be sent regularly via email. Possible intervals: Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly

Structured data storage

  • Data is stored in a structured form
  • All data are fully accessible and searchable

Advanced search functionality

  •  Various filters are available for the search. Ex .: Max vector Dominant frequency, trigger time, ...
  •  Search results available as PDF, CSV etc.

Publication of documents

  • Publication of all kinds of documents
  • Location based
  • Supported documents: PDF, Word, Excel, JPG, ...

Project management

  • Creating a project/site structure is simple
  • A project description can be written directly in the system
  • A location description can be written directly in the system
  • Locations can be placed on a map

Role based access control

  • Simple role-based access model
  • Project based role management
  • Visibility of events can be controlled by roles and classifications

Manual commenting and classification of events

  • Commenting single event is simple
  • Classification of events is simple
  • Also for multiple events

Automatic examination profiles

  • Any 2 dimensional analysis profiles can be created
  • Examples: Evaluation profile based on Dominating frequency and Max Vector, evaluation profile based on Day Hour and Max Vector, …
  • Different areas in the evaluation profiles available (red, green, ...)

Automatic triggering of actions or alarms

  • Actions can be triggered by events
  • Various trigger filters available. Examples: Classification, Max Vector, Evaluation profiles ...
  • Various targets available: Email, SMS, FTP Server
  • Various formats available: Free Text, PDF, RAW Data, Original Data

Data always available

  • Data are available in different formats - At any time.
  • Formats: CSV, Original Data (PBF), text based, ...
  • Data are also available by a M2M API. Supported Formats: JSON, JSONP, XML, CSV, …

Made in Switzerland

  • Software developed in Switzerland
  • Trusted software solution
  • Direct personal contact with a developer


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WALESCH Electronic GmbH
Peter Herter
Gestenrietstrasse 2
CH 8307 Effretikon
+41 52 343 80 80
kvgvi+PUNKT+svigvi A und T dzovhxs+PUNKT+xs
WALESCH Electronic GmbH
Gestenrietstrasse 2
CH 8307 Effretikon
+41 52 343 80 80
rmul A und T dzovhxs+PUNKT+xs
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